Jianying Food Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Was established in 1992 and its headquarter is located in Shanghai.

  • Compound thickening stabilizer Compound emulsion stabilizer
  • Compound sweetener Compound antioxidant stabilizer

Our factory has obtained ISO22000, KOSHER, QS, FDA, HALAL certificate. The products are exported to mo...

  • January 1992

  • April 1993

  • Year 2000

  • April 2006

  • February 2012

  • Year 2015

  • Year 2017

  • Approved by the science and technology commission of the yingtan city and the industrial and commercial bureau: the birt...

  • The company has developed a compound food additive, which has been used to introduce beverage suspension products, inclu...

  • The company establishes the production base in Shanghai jiading, the product and the application technology reach the na...

  • The company passed HACCP-EC-01 food safety management system, is0-dis22000 and other international certifications.

  • Become the first batch of domestic enterprises to obtain the production license of compound food additives.

  • In kunshan, jiangsu province, a second production base covering an area of 45 mu was put into use.

  • Complete the equity incentive plan, and further mobilize the staff's innovative consciousness.



  • Talents

    The company has a strong research and development team, and the technicians account for 30% of the company's total employees and 90% of the food professionals in the university. More than 10 years senior research and development personnel 10 people make up 50% of r&d personnel.

  • Device

    R&d center covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, equipped with the most advanced experimental instruments and equipment, imported from Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries the UHT ultra high temperature aseptic filling production line, fermented yogurt simulation line, APV homogenizer, agilent, gas chromatography, gc instrument stability analysis instrument and melvin laser particle size analyzer and other advanced testing and monitoring analysis instrument, for research and development of new types of milk products, juice beverage products, and the quality control of products provide a reliable guarantee.

  • Industry-University-Research

    On April 25, 2017, the vice mayor of kunshan city and the quality and technical supervision bureau led a team to inspect the production base of kunshan.

quality safety

Our security philosophy

We control the most rigorous processes. The quality, research and development of the product test repeat three times of verification, will be applied to the customer;
We deliver the safest products. To customize and comply with the customer's production equipment simulation process, to the test sample guarantee period, to ensure the stability and safety of the entire product life cycle.


We would like to share with customers our product ideas and the analysis of market information, providing customers with the latest industry trends and popular concepts such as information, new technology, new materials, new technology of usage and...